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Season 5 was available for streaming through the following service:
(revised 03/02/2024):



Amazon Prime Video

Between 03/01/2022 and 03/01/2024, season 5 was available for streaming on Amazon Freevee (formerly IMDb TV). This season is no longer available though — neither on Freevee nor on Amazon Prime.
The quality in the Amazon Freevee streaming was much better than in TV airings, but varies from episode to episode. No picture remastering was applied, so the picture quality is not as good as the season 3 DVD release.
Almost all season 5 episodes are from syndication prints, i.e. shortened for TV rebroadcasts (approximately three minutes missing per episode, see below).
Edited Parts:
# 100 <5.02> – 127 <5.29>:
approximately three minutes per episode missing (syndication prints).
There is no information available at this time if and when Amazon will be streaming the series again in the U.S. or in Europe.