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General Information

DVDs (MOD edition; remastered picture) were released in region 1 05/17/2013; in region 2 (Germany) the product was available between 07/10/2013 and approximately summer 2016.
More information about Amazon Germany's product policy is available in the DVD – Status – Latest Info section (entry dated Oct 10, 2016).
Please pre-order and buy your MOD set as soon as possible — in the U.S., through the Warner Bros. Online Shop. For international availability, please check out the specific paragraph below.
Since this will be an MOD edition (manufactured on demand), each box set is produced individually by WARNER BROS. (USA) or amazon.de (Germany) when it is ordered, which means they do not hold any copies in stock. Therefore, it will make no sense to wait for price reductions, which typically happen only in the case of regularly manufactured box sets. Prices for MOD editions will not drop significantly, regardless how long you wait with your order since they are always custom made.
Please also keep in mind that the main evaluation period for WARNER BROS. is the sales in the first three months after the release. If the product does not live up to its sales expectations within that time frame, future seasons will not be released on DVD. So please pre-order your MOD set as early as possible as it really helps in getting future seasons released.
Warner Bros. Online Shop features a preview clip of the remastered picture, demonstrating excellent color, contrasts and sharpness.
The Warner Archive Collection website features a podcast released 05/28/2013 entitled "Days of Wine and Poses". The podcast includes a discussion about the season 3 DVDs with an allusion to DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER's work at the WARNER BROS. Corporate Archives to single out unpublished publicity photos for the DVD packaging. Among other things, WARNER staff members discuss the possibility of a remastered season 4 DVD release, which might include "The Vintage Years" as a bonus feature, in the not too distant future.
The podcast can also be reached directly by clicking here.
Please also refer to our press statement (07/10/2013) [*.pdf].

International Availability

  • Region 1 (release in the USA):
    • Customers from the USA:
      The American release is basically availably only through the Warner Bros. Online Shop. The store only delivers to addresses in the USA.
    • Customers from outside the USA:
      People from outside the USA can register with hopshopgo.com to have the product delivered to an address outside the USA. For details, please consult their company website.
    • Legal Note:
      As far as the links to external third-party websites are concerned, the DFCF has no influence whatsoever on the content of those sites. Therefore, the DFCF cannot be held liable for any information given therein. The respective owner of such a third-party website is responsible for its content. Those websites were checked for possible rights violation at the point of time when the respective links were established. No illegal activity was found at that time. The DFCF is not obliged to perform continuing check-ups of the contents of third-party websites without any concrete circumstances indicating illegal activity. The DFCF will remove links as soon as possible after being informed of any illegal activity on the respective third-party websites.
  • Region 2 (release in Germany):
    The German release was officially available directly from amazon.de only. The company usually delivers to many international destinations.
    Approximately in the summer of 2016, amazon.de, however, discontinued all their MOD releases so the German edition is no longer available.

Configuration Synopsis

Technical details — comparative overview of the configurations in the various countries [*.pdf]



WARNER BROS. Product Information

Greed, passion
and deception.
It's all in the family.
Welcome back to Tuscany Valley for the third scandalous season of "Falcon Crest", where deceit, passion and intrigue flow like wine. Starring JANE WYMAN as devious matriarch Angela Channing, Season Three begins with a funeral that drastically affects the lives of the family as they become embroiled in betrayals, vendettas, kidnappings, blackmail, murder and more in their never-ending battle over great wealth and power. Featuring the performance that won WYMAN the 1984 Golden Globe® for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Drama Series, "Falcon Crest: The Complete Third Season" also introduces the newest cast and family member, Oscar® winner CLIFF ROBERTSON (Actor, "Charly", 1968), in a 28-episode collection that, like a fine vintage wine, only gets better with age.