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WARNER BROS. has not included any bonus material, such as audio comments, interviews or other features.
Here is the place where the DFCF shares little bonuses for the loyal fans:
Episode Inlay Card

As MOD editions, the DVD boxes are blank inside, i.e. they do not contain an inlay card with an episode overview.
The DFCF provides downloads of printable high quality *.pdf files of English and German episode inlay cards (see the previews below) for free to people, who bought one of the official season 3 DVD boxes.
The layout of the inlay cards is in the typical style of a "Falcon Crest" DVD box. It was designed by the DFCF, using photos from the set taken by KATHRYN BRYAN HAMPTON and location photos by THOMAS J. PUCHER and SASCHA KURZ.
To receive a download link and password for the *.pdf files, please send an e-mail to production.office@falconcrest.org including the following information:

The inlay cards are free of charge.
Please note that we have a very strict privacy policy. Any data you submit will not be passed on to any other company or third party; these data are only collected to verify your legal purchase of the DVD box set. Upon receipt of your information, we will provide a link where you can download the inlay card.
Please also note that the inlay card is copyrighted and is only made available to you on the condition that you use it for your DVD box only. It must not be reproduced or distributed. By downloading the inlay card you accept our Terms & Conditions.

English version

The inlay card is designed to match the transparent American box.

German version

We are sorry that amazon.de used a non-transparent case in Germany — unlike the American boxes.
Episode Inlay Card:
Show Stills: © 1983 KATHRYN BRYAN HAMPTON;
Location Photographs: © 1996 – 2010 www.falconcrest.org.
Episode Synopses: © 2013 www.falconcrest.org.
Design Based on the DVD Artwork by WARNER BROS. Entertainment Inc.
All rights reserved.