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Configuration Synopsis

Technical details — comparative overview of the configurations in the various countries [*.pdf]


The pictures refer to the first prodcution run.
© 2009, 2010 WARNER BROS.
Regions 2 and 4 based on drafts by SOUL MEDIA
with creative input by the DFCF

WARNER BROS. Product Information

  • Regions 2 and 4:
    In the lives and loves of the valley's high society...
    It is murder!
    New people, new schemes, new rivalries in the second season of "Falcon Crest": DAVID SELBY joins the cast as the dark and dangerous yet charismatic Richard Channing, who takes over The San Francisco Globe. Angela (portrayed by Academy Award® winner JANE WYMAN) is now faced with the challenge of fighting on numerous fronts: Getting the newspaper under her control; regaining full control over Falcon Crest, which she is forced to share with her nephew, Chase Gioberti (ROBERT FOXWORTH); and finally getting control over the Agretti Vineyards, the inheritance of stunningly beautiful and scheming Melissa (ANA ALICIA), who is married to Angie's playboy-itis driven grandson, Lance Cumson (LORENZO LAMAS). While Maggie (SUSAN SULLIVAN) starts writing a screenplay about the life in the Tuscany Valley, the community is shaken by the murder of one of its prominent members. Enjoy more of the extravagant lifestyle of the 1980's and sip another glass of intrigue when the next cork pops in this collection of a great vintage...
  • Region 1:
    The only thing more delicious
    than the wine is the scandal.
    A toast to greed... to lust... to deception! And make sure your glass is filled with elegant Falcon Crest pinot noir. Here is the Complete 6-Disc, 22-Episode Season 2 of "Falcon Crest", the long-running saga of the fortunes and misfortunes of a great California wine dynasty headed by ruthless matriarch Angela Channing (JANE WYMAN). This season murder takes center stage after someone offs Carlo Agretti. A tantalizing trail of clues to the killer's identity weaves throughout an emotional minefield of adultery, divorce, weddings, death threats, paternity disputes and battles over control of the wine empire. Whodunit? You'll discover the truth in the season's final episode as the killer is revealed — and kills again!