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WARNER BROS. has not included any bonus material, such as audio comments, interviews or other features.
Here is the place where the DFCF shares little bonuses for the loyal fans:
The Complete Artwork Story

Series creator and executive producer EARL HAMNER interviewed DFCF Board Members INGO A. KÜPPERS, THOMAS J. PUCHER and SASCHA KURZ about how the artwork for the season 2 DVD release (regions 2 and 4) was developed.
The layout of the interview is in the typical style of a "Falcon Crest" DVD box.
Download the interview here.

Thoughts from the Cast and Crew:

  • Writer, executive script consultant and co-producer HENRY STERN about his cooperation with STEPHEN BLACK in an e-mail to DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER:

Sept 4, 2009
Of all the time Steve and I spent on "Falcon Crest" Season Two holds a particular affection for me as it was the first season we worked on the show. We were just getting to know the characters we would eventually fall in love with and with each passing episode they took on a more precise definition in our minds. Halfway through that season we could hear each one of them in our heads speaking with their own distinctive voices, especially Angela, of course. It was great fun coming up with story lines to make those voices come alive on the screen. All the writers worked very closely and sometimes that caused as much drama behind the scenes as on the screen. Nevertheless it was all worth it to be part of such an intriguing and popular show.


  • DAVID SELBY in an e-mail to DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER:

Sept 14, 2009
Dear Thomas,
Congratulations on getting season 2 out there. It was, as you know, my first season on "Falcon Crest". I had worked for LORIMAR on "Flamingo Road" the previous season. Years before I had acted on an episode of "The Waltons" — a show that EARL created — sort of based on his growing up years in Virginia. Since I come from West Virginia, EARL and I felt a certain kinship. When the role of Richard Channing came along, EARL thought of me — for which I was grateful. Richard was a great role in a series that was filled with other wonderful roles, acted by a company of terrific actors. May everyone enjoy Richard as much as I did.
Thomas, are they going to put season 2 out here? I would like to have it.
Good hearing from you.

Episode Inlay Card for Region 1 DVDs (U.S. Box Set)

Unlike the European box sets, the U.S. DVD box set — as an MOD edition — is blank inside, i.e. it does not contain an inlay card with an episode overview.
The DFCF provides a download of a printable high quality *.pdf file of an English episode inlay card (see the preview below) for free to people, who bought one of the official American season 2 DVD boxes.
The layout of the inlay card is in the typical style of a "Falcon Crest" DVD box. It was designed by the DFCF, using photos from the set taken by KATHRYN BRYAN HAMPTON and location photos by THOMAS J. PUCHER.
To receive a download link and password for the *.pdf file, please send an e-mail to production.office@falconcrest.org including the following information:

The inlay card is free of charge.
Please note that we have a very strict privacy policy. Any data you submit will not be passed on to any other company or third party; these data are only collected to verify your legal purchase of the DVD box set. Upon receipt of your information, we will provide a link where you can download the inlay card.
Please also note that the inlay card is copyrighted and is only made available to you on the condition that you use it for your DVD box only. It must not be reproduced or distributed. By downloading the inlay card you accept our Terms & Conditions.

English version

The inlay card is designed to match the transparent American box; it is compatible with the specific episode assignment to each disc in the U.S. box only.
Episode Inlay Card:
Show Stills: © 1982 KATHRYN BRYAN HAMPTON;
Location Photographs: © 1996 – 2010 www.falconcrest.org.
Episode Synopses: © 2013 www.falconcrest.org.
Design Based on the DVD Artwork by WARNER BROS. Entertainment Inc.
All rights reserved.