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THOMAS J. PUCHER and SASCHA KURZ, both fans of drama series, are — as the board of directors of the DFCF — in charge of all the club's projects.
After the founders and former directors of the club had resigned in 1992, the set-up of the organization was completely changed. It was necessary to invest a large amount of money to start over; since the former directors had not acquired many collectibles about the show, the new team had to make great efforts to purchase tons of memorabilia, including black & white stills, color photographs, slides, video tapes, press kits and newspaper clippings from all over the world. The new directors eventually managed to extend the club's photo archives to more than 7,500 publicity photos besides thousands of location pictures. With the support of cast and crew members, the DFCF has established the biggest archive of production documents about the show (besides WARNER BROS.), including scripts in the fan club's Chao-Li Chi Memorial Library, shooting schedules, call sheets, production reports and other rare paperwork, such as seasonal bibles and development documentation.
The directors and their duties in detail:
THOMAS J. PUCHER has been a true fan of the series since the mid-1980's. He joined the fan club in 1990 and immediately began working as a freelancer in the field of research. In 1992, he became one of the club's directors. As a member of the board, he oversees correspondence with national and international business partners. He is the executive editor and webmaster of the fan club's homepage. He is also the author of the DFCF episode synopses. Due to his cooperation with American collectors, press representatives and even some members of the "Falcon Crest" cast and crew, he was the first one to publish spectacular background information about the show that hardly anyone had heard of before. He has been working on a complete show analysis with the main focus on script inconsistencies and mistakes in the production process for many years. One of his many current projects is identifying background talent.
SASCHA KURZ, who has been freelancing for the club since 1996, joined the board in February 2000 and is the club's art director. With an architectural background, he has drawn floor plans of the show's interior sets and also supervises the club's research on filming locations, for which he provided access to his own photo archives, enabling the fan club to analyze mismatches in the sets vs. real locations. He also handles the acquisition of national and international press releases about the series.
A bunch of editors and freelancers also contribute to the club's success. A detailed list of the current editorial staff and freelancers is available on the Resources – Credits page.
Former board members:

  • INGO A. KÜPPERS, a member of the board between 1992 and 2021, also served as the promotions coordinator and handled the fan club's public relations, including fan mail.
  • GORDON SCHMITZ, a member of the board between 1992 and 1993, also served as the previous art director.
  • ANDRÉ TAUCHNITZ, a member of the board between 1993 and 2000, specialized in analysis and interpretation of the series.

Quality television demands quality publications. The fan club's contribution to modern aspects in mass media is also looking behind the scenes of the series, analyzing the show's messages and drawing parallels between the soap opera and real life.
To keep up its quality standards, the DFCF staff makes great efforts and spends very much money to get in touch with organizations in the United States and other countries.
The DFCF plays an intense rôle particularly in the DVD release of the series. Since the season 2 box releases in Europe, the DFCF board members have been serving as creative consultants for WARNER HOME VIDEO and SOUL MEDIA; they co-designed the artwork for the packages and wrote the summary on the back sleeve as well as the episode synopses on the inlay card. This successful cooperation has been intensified with the WARNER BROS. headquarters to improve the region 1 DVD release of season 1.
Since WARNER BROS. remastered the original "Dallas" series from the answer print in HD, one of the current key goals of the fan club is to get "Falcon Crest" digitized in the best possible picture quality also.