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Feb 6, 2015, James Bridges Theatre, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA:
A Documentary

Produced by RAY CASTRO, TIM McABEE and MICHAEL McGREEVEY, a documentary about EARL HAMNER will be released in the near future.
The DVD can be ordered through the production's Facebook page.
On February 6, 2015, a private screening of the DVD, which is now in its final production stage before distribution begins, took place at the James Bridges Theatre at UCLA with many of EARL's friends and business partners from the entertainment industry in attendance.
Photographic Impressions
Photos © 2015 ALEJANDRO GOMEZ unless stated otherwise;
courtesy of RAY CASTRO and TIM McABEE.

EARL HAMNER (seated) with "Falcon Crest" stars DAVID SELBY, SUSAN SULLIVAN and WILLIAM R. MOSES;
EARL's wife, JANE, in the background.
DAVID SELBY and EARL sharing a funny moment.
"Falcon Crest" main cast members ABBY DALTON, ANA-ALICIA, DAVID SELBY, SUSAN SULLIVAN, ROBERT FOXWORTH and WILLIAM R. MOSES in front of a super-size cover of the upcoming DVD.
ABBY DALTON with her husband, JACK SMITH.
Photo © 2015 TERESA PRIEM.
DAVID SELBY and his wife CHIP (right) with RONNIE CLAIRE EDWARDS (center), who guest-starred as Maxie McCoy in season 4 of "Falcon Crest" and who was also a regular — Corabeth Walton Godsey — on "The Waltons".
DAVID SELBY with "Falcon Crest" guest star JILL JACOBSON (Erin Jones; seasons 5 and 6).
EARL with ANA-ALICIA and her husband, GARY BENZ.
EARL with "Falcon Crest" semi-regular MARY KATE McGEEHAN (Linda Caproni Gioberti; seasons 2 through 4) and PATTY HARRIS, the wife of the late HARRY HARRIS, who directed many episodes of "Falcon Crest" and "The Waltons".
EARL with "Falcon Crest" associate & coordinating producer VICTORIA LaFORTUNE.
EARL with "Falcon Crest" music editor JOANIE DIENER.
EARL with "Falcon Crest" guest star ANNE JEFFREYS (Amanda Croft; season 2).
EARL's daughter, CAROLINE HAMNER, who worked as a production coordinator on "Falcon Crest" until season 4, and EARL's wife, JANE.