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The DFCF is internationally renowned for its self-produced background information about the "Falcon Crest" television series, such as newsletters.
The "FALCON CREST Travel Guide" — available as a complete edition in four volumes (English; 2017) or as a light edition (English or German; 2018) — takes you on a trip to the filming locations.
The "FALCON CRESTers Tell it All!" newsletter series provides exclusive in-depth interviews with cast and crew members. Volume 1 was published on 12/04/2005; volume 2 on 12/04/2007; volume 3 on 12/04/2008; volume 4 on 04/04/2011; volume 5 on 09/04/2014. Additional volumes are in the planning stage.
Another newsletter series entitled "The Secret FALCON FILES" provides insightful and spectacular information about the producers' original storyline plans, which were abolished or drastically changed in the final version, and their early casting suggestions. Volume 1 was published on 06/04/2012; volume 2 on 03/04/2013; volume 3 on 03/04/2014. Additional volumes are in the planning stage.
In the 1990's, the directors of the club tried to convince the former producers of the show to film a reunion. Although WARNER BROS. and CBS are not interested in bringing the show back on the air, the DFCF put out the scripts for 18 new episodes developed by THOMAS J. PUCHER and INGO A. KÜPPERS. The teleplays, which might be a solid basis for a spectatcular return of "Falcon Crest" to nighttime series television, are made available exclusively to the DFCF members and clients. Like the original scripts, the self-written teleplays contain cast lists, set information, a chronology, the plot and dialogs as well as production notes and stage directions. The scripts of the fictional season are written in American English.
Beside newsletters, the DFCF also offers location and set photographs taken by fan club members. Please note that, due to copyright laws, it is impossible to distribute other publicity and promotional photographs from the show.
You can find more information on how to order materials in the download section of the Fan Club / Products menu: Available Materials.