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Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is € 15.00 per person.
The membership fee does not include the cost for available materials, such as location photographs, fan club newsletters, etc. The price for these materials are listed in the products section.

Membership Benefits

Here is an overview of your benefits as an online member:

  • access to all web services of the fan club in the members areas, including our online library
  • discounts on all items you order — please refer to the specific prices of newsletters and other items for members

Membership areas indicated by this symbol will be updated monthly with additional special information about "Falcon Crest". The Index provides an overview to compare the English and German contents of the website with its slight differences. Membership areas are marked blue.
You can choose your own user name and password to get access to the membership areas on this website.
For fans without a residential address in Germany, our online membership is available only.
A premium membership is available only for people with a residential address in Germany. To learn more about the premium membership, go to the parallel website in German language: "Premium-Mitgliedschaft".

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member is easy: Just send an e-mail to membership@falconcrest.org or contact us via fax, letter or phone call.
The following information is required to become a member:

  • first and last name
  • residential address
  • e-mail address
  • user name of your choice for the DFCF members area (at least 6 characters)
  • password of your choice for the DFCF members area (at least 8 characters, including a minimum of one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one numerical character and one special character)
  • phone & fax number (optional)
  • date of birth (optional)

Personal data will be protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Any membership request will go through a process of approval. Upon approval, payment for the membership will be due. International fans may use PayPal or transfer the money directly to our bank account. An e-mail confirming the membership will be sent and access to the members area will be granted as soon as the membership is paid for.