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Steeped in tradition and built with the blood and sweat of generations, Falcon Crest is more than a vast winery cradled in the rolling hills above San Francisco — it is the story of a family and a heritage.
Created by EARL HAMNER, "Falcon Crest" made its début on December 4, 1981, and was among the top-rated primetime dramas on television for a long time. Since the show was canceled in 1990, lots of fans have been desperately waiting for a comeback.
Although WARNER BROS. TELEVISION has no intentions to bring "Falcon Crest" back on the air at this time, the DFCF developed a completely new season consisting of 18 teleplays for a spectacular return of "Falcon Crest" to nighttime television. It is the sensational comeback of a classic drama you don't want to miss! Please be advised the new season is purely fictional; there are no plans to shoot a reunion movie or a television series at the moment.
The events at the end of the ninth season:
To Angela Channing, the wealthy and powerful matriarch who rules over the large vineyards and winery she inherited from her immigrant grandfather, Falcon Crest is an inviolate way of life worthy of any sacrifice. Her life has long been dedicated to keeping her empire strong, and she reigns over the Tuscany Valley with a suspicious and strong hand.
Angela remaining in a coma for more than half a year, her family lost Falcon Crest to Michael Sharpe, a ruthless power broker. Fighting for the family's heritage, Angela's devious and sometimes dangerous son Richard finally managed to get back the winery from his old rival. When Angela recovered from her long-lasting illness, she returned to Falcon Crest. Reconciling their differences, Richard gave up his pursuit of power and property and signed over the winery and vineyards to his mother on the condition of making a contract to guarantee that each of his young sons, Michael and Kevin, will inherit a quarter of the estate after Angela's death; the other half will go to her grandson Lance Cumson, son of Angela's daughter Julia, who lives in a convent in Italy.
Richard had a lot of problems to contend with in the most recent season, first the untimely demise of his beloved wife Maggie and then losing custody for his young sons to Michael Sharpe's sister Lauren Daniels. It appeared as though Richard Channing's world was crashing down around him until he fell in love with Lauren and finally married her. Another problem Richard had to cope with was to find out that he had fathered Danny Sharpe, who was thought to be Michael's son for twenty years whereas Michael and Danny had their own way how to deal with the result of the paternity test — they just decided to ignore it after all.
Meanwhile, what happened:
The first episode of the new season opens eight years after the final episode of the show's ninth season.
Meanwhile, Angela's daughter Emma St. James returned to the valley with her little daughter Angelica.
Angela helped her husband Frank Agretti come out of prison — he had been arrested for the murder of his ex-wife, which had actually been committed by his former sister-in-law, Genele Ericson, who was Sharpe's mistress. Genele went off scot-free because neither Frank nor the police found any evidence against her. Frank began working at the long-neglected Agretti Vineyards again.
Richard and his family moved into a new modern house in the Tuscany Valley. After Richard sold his investment company, he retired in order to educate Michael and Kevin with his new wife, who took on a job as a pre-school teacher at a kindergarten.
Richard could not strike up a good father-son relationship to his illegitimate son Danny, who started attending business administration courses at the University of California at Berkeley.
Lance, who had already been given a 10 % share of Falcon Crest by the Grande Dame of the Vineyards, Angela, was happily married to Pilar, who had gotten pregnant last season. But their son, Billy Cumson, died in childbirth.
The basics of the new season:
As the tenth season opens, Emma is visited by her former sister-in-law, Sydney St. James. Sparks fly as Danny meets Sydney again and tries to get back together with his ex-girlfriend.
Genele Ericson and Michael Sharpe move to Singapore where Sharpe took over a trust.
Lance's and Pilar's love continues to grow, but Pilar is still not accepted by Angela. As Pilar tells she is pregnant again, Lance looks forward to their forthcoming baby. But suddenly, fate decides otherwise — again.
At the beginning of the season, Angela and Frank, who appear to have buried the hatchet in the longstanding Agretti-Gioberti feud, decide to go on vacation. During their absence, Angela wants Lance to run Falcon Crest. Frank's son Nick Agretti, who returns from Italy with his son Ben, has not forgotten Angela's previous manipulations yet. As the executor of Melissa's estate, he intends to compete with Falcon Crest by realizing her dream of establishing a new winery at the Agretti Vineyards.
But Falcon Crest and the Agretti Vineyards have a new competitor as well. Vintner Phil Latino sees himself as the new king of Tuscany and tries to drive the Giobertis and Agrettis out of the business.
Emma, who is the hotel manager of her mother's spa now, would like to renovate the Del Oro and build up a convention center at the country club grounds; during the renovation, she falls in love with the charismatic interior designer Andrew Hayes.
Richard and Lauren go their separate ways. Their marriage has become a monotonous routine; Richard falls into memories of his former matrimony with the late Maggie.
Since Richard realized he is too young for retirement, he started buying tons of stocks of the C.C. Corporation, the company that now owns Richard's former media group, Channing Enterprises, to regain control over his old trust, including the New Globe, his father's newspaper. But a hostile takeover of the C.C. Corporation is not as easy as Richard imagined — Chuck Cochran, the new president, prepares several attempts on Richard's life.
Eventually, Richard can hardly believe his eyes when he suddenly sees Maggie standing right in front of him one day; she finally solves the mystery of the woman who really drowned in her swimming pool nine years ago...
"Falcon Crest" chronicles the internal conflicts within a great family and their pursuit of power as well as their love of the land. It is a saga of feuds and fights.
Numerous appearances of former regulars will sweeten the show and contribute to coming back to the traditional vineyard soap that "Falcon Crest" has originally been.
The plot of the new season begins in October 1998, i.e. eight years after the final episode of season 9.
Based on characters created by EARL HAMNER, the new season was developed by THOMAS J. PUCHER and INGO A. KÜPPERS. The teleplays were written by THOMAS J. PUCHER.
228. As Time Goes By
229. Red Wine and Blood
230. As Falcons Fly
231. Dream and Reality
232. Everlasting Love
233. A Sense of Longing
234. Farewell Day
235. Escapism
236. Addicted to Drugs
237. Old Friends & New Enemies
238. Sour Grapes
239. Complex Strategies
240. Investigations
241. Shocking News
242. Birthday Party
243. Vintage of '97
244. Coming Home
245. Once upon a Time...
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