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The tenth season of "Falcon Crest" is an unofficial sequel of the "Falcon Crest" television series developed by TJP PUBLICATIONS in association with the DFCF and shares no affiliation with CBS and WARNER BROS. TELEVISION. However, the scripts were developed as a solid basis for a reunion of the show and were handed in at the CBS and WB program development departments to instigate a reunion.
Despite the success of reunions of "Dallas" and "Knots Landing" in the 1990's, the network and the production company, however, decided there will be no "Falcon Crest" reunion as they think the age of the classic prime time soap opera is over.
The DFCF, however, decided to make the episodes of the fictional tenth season of "Falcon Crest" available to the loyal fans of the show. The scripts have been published exclusively for the members and clients of the fan club; each script consists of approximately 65 pages and is written in American English. For more information on how to order, click here.