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Internationale Presseberichte stehen zum Lesen (nicht druckbar) in U.S. English bereit.
Conniving Young Lovers Help Falcon Crest Soar, But Who Rules the Roost? JANE WYMAN
People; 11.10.1982 (45,0 KB)
Behind the Scenes at Falcon Crest
Soap Opera Digest; 26.03.1984 (49,1 KB)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the People of Falcon Crest, But Didn't Know Who to Ask!
Soap Opera Digest; 04.06.1985 (60,2 KB)
Behind the Scenes — Falcon Crest at the Crossroads
Soap Opera Digest; 03.11.1987 (44,5 KB)
Cliff-Hanger Clues — On Location with Falcon Crest
Soap Opera Digest; 17.05.1988 (47,4 KB)
DAVID SELBY: Falcon Crest's Icy Charmer Melts
Soap Opera Digest; 20.12.1983 (48,8 KB)
For ROBERT FOXWORTH... Falcon Crest is Whine Country
Soap Opera Digest; 31.03.1984 (51,4 KB)
You Can Always Get What You Want if You're ANA-ALICIA
Soap Opera Digest; 24.05.1984 (50,5 KB)
JANE's Turn
Soap Opera Digest; 11.1989 (84,1 KB)
SoapNet; 04.12.2001 (68,0 KB)
Let the Good Wines Roll
Wine Spectator; 31.03.1994 (37,2 KB)
Spring Mountain Breaks Silence
Wine Spectator; 15.06.1995 (29,4 KB)
Tom Ferrell Departs Napa's Spring Mountain Vineyards
Wine Spectator; 26.01.2001 (30,2 KB)