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Connections between "Falcon Crest" and Other Productions
(revised 09/16/2019)
General Information

The following is not a complete listing, but more of a working project. If you make any interesting discoveries of references to "Falcon Crest" in movies or TV productions or other aspects of popular culture, please submit your suggestions for listing via e-mail to the Production Office or by letter.
At this time, the following is an overview of fictional works only. Not listed in particular are news reports, documentaries, interviews, biographical features, talk shows, game shows and charity events.
The sub-categories in each paragraph below are listed in alphabetical order; referenced productions are listed under their original name.


Besides generic stock footage from film libraries, TV productions and movies oftentimes make use of existing footage from other shows by purchasing a license from the copyright owner.
While footage from other productions used on "Falcon Crest" is listed under the respective episode in the Behind the Scenes section of this website, this paragraph gives an overview of footage from "Falcon Crest" that was recycled on other shows.

  • "Father Dowling Mysteries":
    "The Undercover Nun Mystery" (# 29 <3.06>; original U.S. airdate: 11/01/1990, ABC) was an episode of "Father Dowling Mysteries" featuring establishing shots for a winery.
    VIACOM, the production company, which is nowadays part of CBS, licensed footage originally filmed for "Falcon Crest". VICTORIA LaFORTUNE, by the way, was co-producer in this third season of the crime drama - she moved over from "Falcon Crest" after it had run its course.
    The above screen grabs are shots filmed at Inglenook's former barrel building in Rutherford, CA for # 086 <4.18> of "Falcon Crest" and of the cave at Spring Mountain's Winery Building in St. Helena, CA for "The Vintage Years", the original pilot of "Falcon Crest".
  • "Knots Landing":
    • # 112 <6.12> "Uncharted Territory":
      "Uncharted Territory" (# 112 <6.12>; original U.S. airdate: 12/27/1984, CBS) was an episode of "Knots Landing" featuring an establishing shot with a superimposed caption for the fictional town "Shula, Tennessee".
      "Knots Landing", of course, never filmed in Tennessee, but primarly in the Greater Los Angeles area. LORIMAR simply borrowed footage originally filmed for "Falcon Crest".
      The above screen grabs show the camera panning from the corner of East Napa Street towards 1st Street East in downtown Sonoma, CA, prominently featuring Mission Hardware and the Sebastiani Theatre (Caproni's Italian Bakery from "Falcon Crest"). This clip was actually filmed as an establishing shot of Market Street in Tuscany for "Falcon Crest" in the summer of 1984. However, this footage remained unused in the final version of "Falcon Crest". Although it has not been possible to verify its proposed use from production documents, it was most likely intended to be utilized as the establishing shot for HARRY BASCH's deleted farewell scene at Caproni's Italian Bakery in # 073 <4.05>; for details about this scene, check out our Behind the Scenes section.
    • # 305 <13.02> "The Question Game":
      "The Question Game" (# 305 <13.02>; original U.S. airdate: 09/19/1991, CBS) was an episode of "Knots Landing" featuring an establishing shot of San Francisco. This shot of the Golden Gate Bridge was originally filmed for "Falcon Crest" and first used in "Dead End" (# 160 <7.05>; original U.S. airdate: 10/30/1987). For more details about this shot, consult the respective episode in the Behind the Scenes section of this website.
  • "Murder, She Wrote":
    • # 083 <4.17> "A Very Good Year for Murder":
      "A Very Good Year for Murder" (# 083 <4.17>; original U.S. airdate: 02/28/1988, CBS) was an episode of "Murder, She Wrote" featuring a wine-oriented storyline. As the episode was shot entirely in Greater Los Angeles, the producers needed vineyard stock shots to establish the setting.
      The above screen grabs are footage licensed from "Falcon Crest" for the use on this episode of "Murder, She Wrote". The segment was remastered for this purpose. The first three screen captures are from the episode opener while the fourth picture was used as an establishing shot during the episode. In the original order from "Falcon Crest", the fourth capture is actually the earliest frame in the segment. The view of these vineyards and the hill was originally shot for the "Falcon Crest" predecessor, "The Vintage Years", from the deck of Sterling Vineyards in Calistoga, CA. It was used for the main title of the unaired pilot and later reused in various episodes of "Falcon Crest" as an act 1 opener. The final frame of the whole segment (as featured in its original order on "Falcon Crest"; similar to the above screen capture 3) might be best remembered, however, from CLIFF ROBERTSON's closing credit all through season 3 and from the background picture on ANA-ALICIA's season 5 main title card.
      Ironically enough, this "Murder, She Wrote" episode featured guest cast members who also played before or after on "Falcon Crest": JOHN SAXON, KRISTIAN ALFONSO, BIBI BESCH and ROBERT O'REILLY.
    • # 227 <11.08> "Crimson Harvest":
      "Crimson Harvest" (# 227 <11.08>; original U.S. airdate: 11/20/1994, CBS) was an episode of "Murder, She Wrote" featuring a vineyard-oriented storyline set in Sonoma, CA. Since the episode was filmed entirely in and around Los Angeles, the producers were in need for stock footage from the wine country they could edit in between scenes.
      The above screen grabs show scenes licensed from "Falcon Crest" for the use on this episode of "Murder, She Wrote". They were remastered for this purpose:
      The vineyard panorama (screen capture 1) is from the season 3 main title (between JANE WYMAN's and ROBERT FOXWORTH's cards) and shows a view over the growing fields of Stags' Leap Winery and Shafer Vineyards outside Napa, CA in western direction.
      The "field hand" sitting on a tractor between rows of grapevines (screen grab 2) is actually WILLIAM R. MOSES from a scene filmed at Stags' Leap for # 003 <1.03> of "Falcon Crest".
      The shot of a laborer cutting off some grapes from a vine (screen capture 3) was also filmed for "Falcon Crest" where it was first used towards the end of the second version of the season 9 main title.
      The view of vineyards and a hill (screen capture 4) was originally shot for the "Falcon Crest" predecessor, "The Vintage Years" (compare the above entry about "Murder, She Wrote" # 083 <4.17>).
  • "Quantum Leap":
    • # 41 <3.10> "A Little Miracle - December 24, 1962":
      "A Little Miracle - December 24, 1962" (# 41 <3.10>; original U.S.airdate: 12/21/1990, NBC) was an episode of "Quantum Leap" with an establishing shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and the white Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II.
      As the original concept for the season 5 main title of "Falcon Crest" was based on the visuals of season 1 through 4 (compare our Behind the Scenes section), the above footage is most likely the segment filmed by LORIMAR, which remained unused due to the change of the main title design. UNIVERSAL most likely obtained a license for the use of this footage on "Quantum Leap". In that show, the clip is used to establish a bridge in New York; the zoom and close-up of the car was used to obscure that it was actually the Golden Gate Bridge. This is pretty obvious though because of the unique design of the railing and street lights.
    • # 94 <5.19> "The Beast Within - November 6, 1972":
      "The Beast Within - November 6, 1972" (# 94 <5.19>; original U.S. airdate: 03/16/1993, NBC) was an episode of "Quantum Leap" with a nightly establishing shot of a home UNIVERSAL had licensed from LORIMAR.
      It was "superfluous" footage from "Falcon Crest" LORIMAR had taken in 1987 when they filmed stock footage for the house at Randolph Vineyards. This particular shot remained unused on "Falcon Crest". For the filming location, compare our Behind the Scenes section.

Interior Sets

LORIMAR sometimes used standing sets from "Falcon Crest" for other productions to trim down their production cost.
While sets from other productions used on "Falcon Crest" are listed under the respective episode in the Behind the Scenes section of this website, this paragraph gives an overview of "Falcon Crest" sets utilized on other shows.
The following sets from "Falcon Crest" were used on "Flamingo Road":

  • Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion - Second Floor Bedroom:
    The usual Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion bedroom set from the first three seasons, which was redressed as various bedrooms, was built on stage 1 at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS) - compare the entries in # 014 and 023 in the Behind the Scenes section of this website for this set. It was borrowed by "Flamingo Road" multiple times:
    In order to reduce production cost, LORIMAR used the swing elements of this set in "Heatwave" (# 25 <2.10>; original U.S. airdate: 01/19/1982, NBC) of that show as the hotel suite where Constance Carlyle (MORGAN FAIRCHILD) met with Julio Sanchez (FERNANDO ALLENDE). In that case, the wall elements were arranged just like the bedroom set from season 1 of "Falcon Crest" (depicting Angela's, Julia's and Lance's bedrooms as well as the guest bedroom). While the wallpaper matches the one in Angie's bedroom and the guest room, the set was slighly redressed for "Flamingo Road", particuarly furnished differently (screen grabs 1 and 2).
    It was redressed again on "Flamingo Road" for "The Explosion" (# 27 <2.12>; original U.S. airdate: 02/09/1982, NBC) as another hotel room (screen capture 3).
    Another redress of the same set occurred on "Flamingo Road" for "No Dice" (# 32 <2.17>, original U.S. airdate: 03/23/1982, NBC) as yet another hotel room (screen grabs 4 and 5).
  • Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion - Second Floor Hall and Hallway:
    Known from season 1, the upstairs hall at the top of the stairway landing and the adjacent hallway of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion was an elaborate interior set on stage 1 at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS): At one end, there was the distinct stained glass window, which would later also be seen in other parts of the Mansion (screen capture 1 from # 005 <1.05>). The center part contained the staircase to Emma's rooftop studio (screen capture 2 from # 002 <1.02>) and, just across, the door to one of the guest bedrooms where Chase and Maggie stayed during # 001 <1.01>. The other end of the set was a hallway leading to other rooms, including Angela's bedroom (screen capture 3). This interior set was also borrowed by "Flamingo Road":
    "An Eye for an Eye" (# 35 <2.20>; original U.S. airdate: 04/20/1982, NBC) was a "Flamingo Road" episode featuring a part of this Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion set as a hotel corridor.
    Filming "Flamingo Road" was cleverly done towards the end with the stained glass window. By doing so, the director of photography obscured the stairs leading to Emma's room, which would have been visible from the opposite direction. What really gives it away that this is the upstairs hallway set of the Victorian Mansion, though, is the stained glass window although the set decorators tried to conceal it behind a plant.
  • Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion - Study:

    Even Angela's study in the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion in its original design from season 1 - with the partly wooden wall paneling in brown color - was used on "Flamingo Road":

    In "No Dice" (# 32 <2.17>, original U.S. airdate: 03/23/1982, NBC), the set was redressed and refurnished as Michael Tyrone's hotel suite (screen capture 1), accessible through the door where there used to be a walk-in closet in Angela's study during seasons 1 through 4 of "Falcon Crest".
  • The same redress occurred for "An Eye for an Eye" (# 35 <2.20>; original U.S. airdate: 04/20/1982, NBC) of "Flamingo Road" (screen captures 2 and 3). Once again, the set was redressed and refurnished as Michael Tyrone's hotel suite. Again, filming "Flamingo Road" was cleverly done: The little walk-in closet near Angela's desk (where from season 5 on the sun room was located) was used as the door to the suite, and one wall was placed behind that door so it created the illusion of a hotel corridor. In the beginning of the scene, Michael Tyrone (DAVID SELBY) is standing near the double pocket doors to what actually is Angie's study. His position was filmed so closely that it was not easy to recognize that he actually stands in the foyer of the Victorian Mansion set.
  • San Francisco Globe - Douglas Channing's Office:
    Douglas Channing's executive office at the San Francisco Globe from season 1 was a permanent interior set on stage 19 A at THE BURBANK STUDIOS (WARNER BROS. STUDIOS), which was redressed as the billiards room in the Agretti Residence - compare # 016 in the Behind the Scenes section. The same set with the distinct oakwood paneling was "borrowed" for the first reunion movie of EARL HAMNER's other successful series, "The Waltons":

    Redressed for "A Wedding on Walton's Mountain", it appeared as an office in that TV movie (original U.S. airdate: 02/22/1982, CBS).


    Redressed again, it was used in "Flamingo Road" as Michael Tyrone's (DAVID SELBY) study in season 2; the screen capture is from "The Bad and the Beautiful" (# 34 <2.19>, original U.S. airdate: 04/13/1982, NBC).


Publicity photos taken by LORIMAR's and CBS' photographers were usually intended exclusively to promote "Falcon Crest". Sometimes, however, these photos resurface in other situations.
SUSAN SULLIVAN portrayed Martha Rodgers on "Castle", the title rôle's mother, during the show's complete run between 2009 and 2016.
SUSAN's character on "Castle" was an aging actress. Having had a lot of creative influence on her part, SUSAN sometimes included references to her actual acting career and used footage (for example from her guest appearance in the 1977 pilot of "The Incredible Hulk") and promotional photos from her various acting jobs to rededicate them as parts in Martha's character bio. In a "Castle" scene in "Inventing the Girl" (# 013 <2.03>; original U.S. airdate: 10/05/2009, ABC), Martha and Rick Castle looked at a publicity photo of SUSAN from season 6 of "Falcon Crest", referring to earlier years of her character Martha's acting career.


Many props from "Falcon Crest" were reused in other productions, which is a usual process in the entertainment industry because not everything is bought specifically for a production. Below are a few striking examples of props that were prominently reused in other shows or came from other shows and were reused on "Falcon Crest".

  • Documents:
    • Newspaper Articles (various seasons):
      Various newspapers throughout the series featured the same articles, including those entitled "City Bond Issue Nears Approval" (yellow mark), "At 91, Another First" (red mark) and "Valley Area Records Record Growth" (green mark). These articles appeared in various New Globe issues and other papers all over the series. For details, check out # 072, 075, 086, 138, 142, 147 and 198 in our Behind the Scenes section.
      The "secret" of these props is that they were produced by EARL HAYS, a Los Angeles based company that has specialized in printed prop items for the entertainment industry. They offer a variety of generic items, which they adapt and amalgamate into specific props. These articles are part of their generic layouts. The articles' contents are mainly empty phrases, rearranged over and over again in repetitive style. The same articles were sold to many other productions for prop newspapers since approximately the 1960's. The "Valley Area Records Record Growth" article was also used in the following series and movies (examples only, not a complete list):
      • "Dallas": episode "Some Leave, Some Get Carried out" (# 354 <13.20 - original count> / <14.20 - DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 04/19/1991, CBS)
      • "Married... with Children": episode "Chicago Shoe Exchange" (# 259 <11.24>; original U.S. airdate: 06/09/1997, Fox)
      • "A Murder of Crows"; theatrical release dates: 12/12/1998 (UK), 07/06/1999 (USA); 07/18/2000 (Germany - TV)
      • "Charmed": episode "Pre-witched" (# 061 <3.17>; original U.S. airdate: 03/22/2001, The WB)
      • "Angel": episode "Carpe Noctem" (# 048 <3.04>; original U.S. airdate: 10/15/2001, The WB)
      • "Six Feet Under": episode "Death Works Overtime" (# 37 <3.11>; original U.S. airdate: 05/11/2003, The WB)
      • "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"; theatrical release dates: 10/15/2003 (USA), 01/01/2004 (Germany)
      • "Desperate Housewives": episode "There's Something about a War" (# 036 <2.13>; original U.S. airdate: 01/22/2006, ABC); episode "Bang" (# 054 <3.07>; original U.S. airdate: 11/05/2006, ABC); episode "You Gotta Get a Gimmick" (# 123 <6.12>; original U.S. airdate: 01/10/2010, ABC)
      • "Smith": pilot (# 1; original U.S. airdate: 09/19/2006, CBS)
      • "Everybody Hates Chris": episode "Everybody Hates Malvo" (# 27 <2.05>; original U.S. airdate: 10/30/2006, The WB)
      • "Scrubs": episode "My Words of Wisdom" (# 133 <6.16>; original U.S. airdate: 04/12/2007, NBC)
      • "No Country for Old Men"; theatrical release dates: 05/19/2007 (France), 10/06/2007 (USA), 02/28/2008 (Germany)
    • Sales Contract (season 9):
      The sales contract between Emma Channing and Michael Sharpe about Falcon Crest from # 214 <9.09> was never featured as an insert in a close-up on "Falcon Crest". It was only seen briefly in various scenes.
      In an episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", entitled "Teacher's Pet" (# 004 <1.04>; original U.S. airdate: 03/24/1997, The WB), an insert with a close-up of this very same contract was featured for the purpose of showing the address of a certain Miss French. It was only doctored up with French's address in a different font. Many parts of the otherwise unrelated contract are legible, including "Michael Sharpe", "Falcon Crest" and "Tuscany Valley", etc.
      Although it has not been possible to verify how exactly this prop made its way from the "Falcon Crest" set to "Buffy", which is owned by the completely unrelated 20th CENTURY FOX TELEVISION company, it seems very likely that JOSEPH M. ELLIS, who was the unit production manager of season 9 of "Falcon Crest", brought it to "Buffy" where he also served as unit production manager during its first twelve episodes.
  • Picture Cars:
    • Horse Buggy (Falcon Crest; season 2):
      The Falcon Crest carriage at the Founder Day Parade in "'...Divided We Fall'" (# 030 <2.12>; original U.S. airdate: 12/31/1982, CBS) is a prop owned by THE BURBANK STUDIOS (nowadays WARNER BROS. STUDIOS). It was rented by LORIMAR for this episode. Just a few weeks before, the same horse buggy was used on "Hart to Hart", which had just moved to film its 1982-83 season at THE BURBANK STUDIOS; the episode was entitled "Hart's Desire" (# 073 <4.06>; original U.S. airdate: 11/16/1982, ABC).
    • Zimmer Golden Spirit (Tony Cumson; season 6):
      Tony's neo-classic convertible - on the right, a screen capture from "The Stranger within" (# 130 <6.03>; original U.S. airdate: 10/17/1986, CBS) - is an old LORIMAR prop, best remembered as Mark Graison's (JOHN BECK) car on "Dallas"; left screen grab from "The Road back" (# 132 <6.01 - original count> / <7.01 - DVD count>; U.S. airdate: 09/30/1983, CBS).
  • Phone Number (Richard Channing's New Globe office; season 7):
    In # 171 <7.16>, 555-2368 can be read on Richard's New Globe telephone (compare the entry and screen grab in our Behind the Scenes section). It is obviously his office phone number. The area code for San Francisco is (415).
    555-2368 is a particularly popular phone number in the entertainment industry. The fictional "safe" phone number for TV and movie productions (for the 555 prefix in general compare # 005 <1.05> in the Behind the Scenes section) was provided for a number of area codes. The most famous version might have been used in the crime drama series "The Rockford Files", in which this number was featured on Rockford's phone in each episode's main title - in Los Angeles with the (213) area code. Later, the number was used in season 2 of "Quincy, M.E." for the medical examiner's office with the completely fictional (311) area code. The same number with the (311) area code was featured both as Jaime Sommers' phone number in "The Bionic Woman" - as seen in the episode "Jaime's Mother" (# 08 <1.08>; original U.S. airdate: 03/24/1976, ABC) - and as Giorgio Cabri's phone number in the "Hart to Hart" episode "Vintage Harts" (# 063 <3.19>; original U.S. airdate: 03/23/1982, ABC). Commercials of Bell System (a phone provider) sometimes made use of the number in the (311) area code also.
  • Set Dressing:
    • Bed (Chase and Maggie Gioberti; seasons 4 through 7):
      Between seasons 4 and 7, there was a white metal framed bed with decorative elements in the form of grapevines in Chase and Maggie's master bedroom at the Gioberti House. The screen capture is an example from # 070 <4.02>.
      This LORIMAR owned prop was used in other productions before and after "Falcon Crest".
      • "Flamingo Road":
        It was previously featured on LORIMAR's "Flamingo Road" in Sandy Swanson's apartment.
        The screen grab is an example from "Double Trouble" (# 29 <2.14>; original U.S. airdate: 02/23/1982, NBC).
      • "Hart to Hart":
        It was also previously featured on COLUMBIA's "Hart to Hart" in the guest bedroom at a wildlife ranch. This show filmed at THE BURBANK STUDIOS at the time and rented it from LORIMAR.
        The screen grab is from "Hunted Harts" (# 078 <4.11>; original U.S. airdate: 01/04/1983, ABC).
      • "Knots Landing":
        It was later reused as Michael and Linda Fairgate's bed in "Knots Landing".
        The screen grab is an example taken from "Bad Dog" (# 295 <12.19>; original U.S. airdate: 02/28/1991, CBS).
    • Cabinets (Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion foyer; seasons 2 through 5):
      In seasons 2 through 5 of "Falcon Crest", the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion foyer was furnished with two small, very elegant matching cabinets (standing on either side of the study's pocket doors), one of which you can see in the screen grab from "Inconceivable Affairs" (# 108 <5.10>; original U.S. airdate: 12/06/1985, CBS). They were antique walnut and cherry pieces of furniture with elaborate intarsia and a red marble surface. These unique props had been acquired by LORIMAR to dress the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion when the set was refurnished and refurbished for season 2 to give it a more elegant look.
      These cabinets were later reused on other LORIMAR / WARNER BROS. shows. When LORIMAR was bought out by WARNER BROS. in 1989, all their assets, including these small cabinets, became property of WARNER BROS.
      • "Knots Landing":
        In season 9 of LORIMAR's "Knots Landing", the cabinets were used to dress set of Greg Sumner's ranch - one of them in the living room, the other one in the bedroom. The "Knots Landing" screen capture is just an example from "Noises Everywhere - Part 2" (# 201 <9.11>; original U.S. airdate: 12/10/1987, CBS).
      • "A Walton Wedding":

        In the fifth reunion movie of "The Waltons" entitled "A Walton Wedding" (original U.S. airdate: 02/12/1995, CBS), the cabinets were used in the living room of Janet's aunt Flo's residence.

      • "Gilmore Girls":
        The same props later resurfaced on "Gilmore Girls" in the foyer of Emily and Richard Gilmore's mansion throughout the whole series. The "Gilmore Girls" screen grab is just an example taken from "Eight o'Clock at the Oasis" (# 048 <3.05>; original U.S. airdate: 10/22/2002, The WB).
    • Desk (Angela Channing; seasons 2 through 9):
      For details about Angela's iconic French Louis XV style bureau plat in the study of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion between seasons 2 through 9, check the entry in # 019 <2.01> in our Behind the Scenes section.
      As many other LORIMAR / WARNER BROS. props, the very same desk from "Falcon Crest" can be rented from WARNER BROS. by other production companies nowadays.
      • "Flamingo Road":
        LORIMAR used its own desk prior to "Falcon Crest" in the 1980-81 and 1981-82 seasons in the study of Lute-Mae's Saloon on "Flamingo Road" - here is just an example in a screen capture from "The High and the Mighty" (# 33 <2.18>; original U.S. airdate: 03/30/1982, NBC). This desk model is exactly the same as the one that later appeared on "Falcon Crest".
      • UNIVERSAL Productions (same model):
        The same desk model (but not the very same desk from LORIMAR's prop warehouse) had appeared on TV in a number of UNIVERSAL productions before, including the following shows:
        The three screen captures are just examples of scenes from UNIVERSAL productions that made use of this type of desk.
        Among other shows, the UNIVERSAL owned desk was featured in:
        • "Columbo": three episodes - screen capture 1, for instance

        • "Kojak": one episode

        • "The Bionic Woman": three episodes - screen capture 2, for instance

        • "The Incredible Hulk": two episodes

        • "Knight Rider" (classic series): one episode

        • "Chicago Justice": one episode - screen capture 3, for instance

    • Office Chair (Angela Channing; seasons 2 through 7):
      For details about Angela's iconic French Louis XVI style office chair in the study of the Falcon Crest Victorian Mansion between seasons 2 through 7, check the entry in # 019 <2.01> in our Behind the Scenes section.
      This chair reappeared in the "Dallas" episode "Paradise Lost" (# 327 <12.20 - original count> / <13.20 - DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 03/09/1990, CBS) in the interior set of a fur store.
      This LORIMAR owned prop became property of WARNER BROS. when the companies merged and is still owned by WARNER BROS. to this day. As many other WARNER BROS. props, the chair can be rented by other production companies.
    • Office Chair (Richard Channing; season 3):
      The elegant swivel armchair made of wood and black leather in Richard's office in The New San Francisco Globe in season 3 was a prop owned by THE BURBANK STUDIOS, a joint venture between WARNER BROS. and COLUMBIA PICTURES in those days. While "Falcon Crest" was shot there, the prop masters did not only dress the set with props owned by LORIMAR, but also ones that came from THE BURBANK STUDIOS prop warehouse.
      When "Falcon Crest" moved from THE BURBANK STUDIOS to the CBS STUDIO CENTER in Studio City, CA during the hiatus between seasons 3 and 4 in order to shoot the remainder of the series there, the armchair had to be returned to the prop house at THE BURBANK STUDIOS. For season 4, Richard's office was redressed with a different antique armchair owned by LORIMAR.
      Before and after "Falcon Crest", the armchair owned by TBS was used in various other productions shot on the lot of THE BURBANK STUDIOS (nowadays WARNER BROS. STUDIOS); the following list is in chronological order:
      • "The Waltons" ("Die Waltons"):
        The armchair was previously used in EARL HAMNER's earlier series, "The Waltons", in "The Cloudburst" (# 109 <5.09>; original U.S. airdate: 11/11/1976, CBS).
        This LORIMAR production had rented the prop from THE BURBANK STUDIOS.
      • "Hart to Hart":
        The armchair was also previously featured in "Million Dollar Harts" (# 070 <4.03>; original U.S. airdate: 10/19/1982, ABC) and in the study of King Rashid's mansion in "In the Hart of the Night" (# 075 <4.08>; original U.S. airdate: 11/30/1982, ABC) as well as in "Hunted Harts" (# 078 <4.11>; original U.S. airdate: 01/04/1983, ABC).
        "Hart to Hart" was a COLUMBIA PICTURES TELEVISION production.
      • "Mike Hammer":
        The armchair was later reused on "Mike Hammer" where it was featured in "Torch Song" (# 011 <2.01>; original U.S. airdate: 11/29/1984, CBS).
        "Mike Hammer" was also a COLUMBIA PICTURES TELEVISION production.
      • "Hooker":
        The armchair was also reused on "T.J. Hooker", which was also a COLUMBIA PICTURES TELEVISION production:
        First, it was featured in a priest's office in "The Confession" (# 058 <4.09>; original U.S. airdate: 12/15/1984, ABC); left screen grab.
        Later, it was used in another office in "The Night Ripper" (# 080 <5.08>; original U.S. airdate: 01/29/1986, CBS); right screen capture.
      • "Crazy Like a Fox":
        The armchair was also used in an office in "Suitable for Framing" (# 12 <1.12>; original U.S. airdate: 03/31/1985, CBS).
        "Crazy Like a Fox" was another COLUMBIA PICTURES TELEVISION production.
      • "Scarecrow and Mrs. King":
        This series featured the armchair in "Billy's Lost Weekend" (# 73 <4.07>; original U.S. airdate: 11/07/1986, CBS).
        "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" was a WARNER BROS. TELEVISION production.
    • Picture (Richard Channing's KRDC office; seasons 4 and 4 / Chase Goberti's Gioberti Enterprises office; season 6):
      One of the bird pictures on the wall in Richard's KRDC office in seasons 4 and 5 and later in Chase's office at Gioberti Enterprises in San Francisco in season 6 - here screen captures from "The Decline..." (# 094 <4.26>; original U.S. airdate: 03/06/1985, CBS) and "Hot Spots" (# 138 <6.11>; original U.S. airdate: 12/12/1986, CBS) as examples - was reused in "Knots Landing" in Dianne Kirkwood's TV station office. The screen grab is an example from "Let's Get Married" (# 276 <11.29>; original U.S. airdate: 05/17/1990, CBS).
    • Signage (Sturdevant General Store; season 3):
      For details about the filming location for the Sturdevant General Store, check the entry in # 063 <2.23> in our Behind the Scenes section.
      In the 1984-85 season of the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard", the same exterior set on the backlot of THE BURBANK STUDIOS (now WARNER BROS. STUDIOS) was utilized in the episode "Danger on the Hazzard Express" (# 140 <7.10>; original U.S. airdate: 11/30/1984, CBS). It was dressed with the exact same signage as on "Falcon Crest" seven months earlier.

Some composers reused parts of the music score that they specifically composed for "Falcon Crest" in other productions.

  • "Dynasty":
    The background music for the scene in "Retribution" (# 087 <4.19>; original U.S. airdate: 02/08/1985, CBS) when Angela arrived at Riebmann's was composed by PETER MYERS.
    The same score was reused by him in "True Confessions" (# 194 <8.11>; original U.S. airdate: 02/03/1989, CBS) in the scene when Nick discovered the car of Cellini's henchmen near the Agretti Residence.
    PETER MYERS also composed the score for the season 5 cliffhanger of "Dynasty" entitled "Royal Wedding" (# 115 <5.29>; original U.S. airdate: 05/15/1985) and reused this piece there, too.
  • "Miracle Landing":
    In many scenes involving Nicole Sauguet in # 156 <7.01> through # 158 <7.03> of "Falcon Crest", MARK SNOW used "Nicole Sauguet's Theme", a score he specifically composed as a character theme in 1987.
    MARK SNOW reused that score with minor modifications in the CBS TV movie "Miracle Landing" (original U.S. airdate: 02/11/1990, CBS; written by GARNER SIMMONS) in a scene with ANA-ALICIA, who played a flight attendant there. The score plays at approximately 1 hour and 18 minutes.


While JANE WYMAN had the general privilege to take and keep her costumes from the "Falcon Crest" set, the other actors and actresses had this possibility only by special permission on rare occasions; sometimes, they would be allowed to purchase items from the wardrobe department at a reduced price. Most costumes went back to the wardrobe department, however, to be reused on other shows. During season 6, SUSAN SULLIVAN's wardrobe was sometimes passed on to JANE BADLER, who, with slight alterations, wore them on the show.
"Falcon Crest" also used wardrobe previously worn on other LORIMAR shows.

  • "Dallas":
    SUSAN SULLIVAN's old wardrobe usually ended up on "Dallas" where it was given to VICTORIA PRINCIPAL, who is less than an inch shorter than SUSAN, so the clothes would fit without having them altered.
    Just one example here is a blouse worn by SUSAN in "The Phoenix" (# 099 <5.01>; original U.S. airdate: 10/04/1985, CBS) of "Falcon Crest" and worn by VICTORIA in "Return to Camelot - Part 1" (# 223 <9.01 - original count> / <10.01 - DVD count>; original U.S. airdate: 09/26/1986, CBS) of "Dallas".

  • "Flamingo Road"
    (chronologically as used on "Falcon Crest"):
    • Wedding Dress:
      Melissa's wedding dress from "The Good, the Bad, and the Profane" (# 016 <1.16>; original U.S. airdate: 04/02/1981, CBS) was previously worn in the pilot of "Flamingo Road" (# 01 <1.01>; original U.S. airdate: 05/12/1980, NBC) by MORGAN FAIRCHILD's character Constance Weldon for her wedding with Fielding Carlyle. The dress originally had no sleeves. For ANA ALICIA, the costumers simply added similar lace sleeves to the dress.
    • Blue Blouse:
      In "The Arrival" (# 020 <2.02>; original U.S. airdate: 10/08/1982, CBS), ANA ALICIA, as Melissa, is dressed for the baby party in the same outfit that CRISTINA RAINES wore as Lane Ballou in "The Fish Fry" (# 06 <1.06>; original U.S. airdate: 02/03/1981, NBC) of "Flamingo Road".
      In that LORIMAR series, SHIRLEY CUNNINGHAM also served as the women's costume supervisor.
    • Striped Tie:
      In "The Exposé" (# 023 <2.05>; original U.S. airdate: 11/05/1982, CBS), DAVID SELBY, as Richard, wears the same tie that MARK HARMON wore as Fielding Carlyle in "The Explosion" (# 27 <2.12>; original U.S. airdate: 02/09/1982, NBC) "Flamingo Road".
      In that LORIMAR series, YON DeLINDEN also served as the men's costume supervisor, and PAUL DAFELMAIR as the set costumer for men.
    • Police Uniforms:
      The Truro County Sheriff Department uniforms at the plane crash rescue site in Colorado (# 069) are reused wardrobe from LORIMAR's "Flamingo Road", which was set in a fictional town called Truro, FL. "Truro County" is legible on Sheriff Kingman's uniform in particular.

"Falcon Crest" was sometimes referenced on other shows and in popular culture.
For theatrical releases, the following overiew lists the release dates in the country of origin and, if different, the first release.

  • "30 Rock":
    In this sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Liz in the episode "Goodbye, My Friend" (# 049 <3.13>; original U.S. airdate: 10/11/2006, NBC).
    Quote from the episode:
    Liz: "When I was your age, you could just be like: 'Oh, he probably tried to call me but my line was busy.' And then just watch 'Falcon Crest' and cry yourself to sleep."
  • "Bajarse al Moro"
    (U.S. title: "Going down in Morocco")
    In this comedy feature from Spain, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Elena. Theatrical release dates: 04/11/1989 (Barcelona); 05/05/1989 (rest of Spain).
  • "Balul elsült bármicvó"
    (international title: "Glow Ropes: The Rise and Fall of a Bar Mitzvah Emcee")
    In this comedy feature from Hungary, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release date: 07/30/2008 (Hungary).
  • "Boy":
    In this comedy-drama feature from New Zealand, Boy (the title rôle) has sibling friends who are named "Dallas", "Dynasty" and "Falcon Crest". Theatrical release dates: 01/22/2010 (USA); 03/25/2010 (New Zealand).
  • "Breast Men":
    In this comedy feature, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release date: 12/13/1997 (USA).
  • "Bridget & Eamon":
    In this Irish comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the episode "The Trócaire Box" (# 001 <1.01>; original Irish airdate: 02/01/2016, RTÉ).
  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer":
    In this fantasy action series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the episode "Dirty Girls" (# 140 <7.18>; original U.S. airdate: 04/15/2003, UPN).
    Quotes from the episode:
    Buffy: "Looks like an old vineyard."
    Kennedy: "An evil vineyard, huh."
    Spike: "Like 'Falcon Crest'..."
  • "Caro Diario"
    (U.S. title: "Dear Diary")
    In this movie from Italy, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release dates: 11/12/1993 (Italy); 09/26/1994 (USA).
  • "Charlie Wilson's War":
    In this dramatic movie, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Crystal Lee when another character, Paul Brown, discusses his TV show idea. Theatrical release date: 12/10/2007 (USA).
    It is a striking anachronism: The scene is supposed to take place on April 6, 1980 according to the superimposed information in the film - a point of time when "Falcon Crest" did not exist.
  • "Cold Case":
    In this crime drama, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in the episode "Breaking News" (# 124 <6.13>; original U.S. airdate: 01/11/2009, CBS) on the victim's news improvisation during the first scene.
  • "Designing Women":
    In this comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the following episodes:
    • "Second Time around" (# 036 <2.14); original U.S. airdate: 01/11/1988, CBS);

    • "There's Some Black People Coming to Dinner" (# 038 <2.16>; original U.S. airdate: 01/25/1988, CBS).

  • "Esta Noche Contigo":
    In this comedy feature from Spain, released on video in 1988, "Falcon Crest" character Angela Channing was mentioned in dialog.
  • "Falcon Tres" by Euskaltel:
    Euskaltel, S.A. is a Spanish telecommunications company based in Basque Country. Since "Falcon Crest" has the reputation to be the most successful television production ever featured on Spanish TV, references to the series and its characters are still quite common in everyday life in Spain, whether it be satirical comments, political comparisons, etc.
    In the 2000's, Euskaltel commissioned director MIQUEL ALCARRIA to create and film parodies relating to the characters of "Falcon Crest" in order to promote their cell phone family plan.
    MIQUEL ALCARRIA produced two segments entitled "Falcon Tres", which were used as commercials on Spanish television, including a short scene with characters calling each other on their cells and an incredible parody-like remake of the season 1 main title.
  • "Family Guy":
    In this animated sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Brian in the episode "And Then There Were Fewer" (# 148 <9.01>; original U.S. airdate: 09/26/2010, Fox):
    Stewie is singing the "Dynasty" theme music (with his own lyrics) and asks Brian to guess which show's theme it is. Brian replies: "Falcon Crest?"
  • "Fresno":
    This 5-part mini-series origially broadcast by CBS between 11/16 and 11/20/1986 was a comedy that parodied prime time soap operas of the time, including "Falcon Crest", "Dallas" and "Dynasty". The primary focus, however, was actually "Falcon Crest" because the storyline of "Fresno" revolved around the ruthless battle for domination of the Fresno raisin industry between the Kensington family and their neighbor and bitter rival, Tyler Cane. Like on "Falcon Crest", both parties try to acquire the crucial water rights that will make or break their business. CAROL BURNETT was cast as the Angela-like matriarch of the Kensington family. Among other rôles was a mysterious drifter named Torch, who was - ironically enough - played by GREGORY HARRISON, who would later actually end up on the cast of "Falcon Crest"; perpetually shirtless, the character was an obvious allusion to LORENZO LAMAS' Lance Cumson.
  • "Grace and Frankie":
    In the episode "The Lockdown" (# 047 <# 4.08>; original U.S. release: 01/19/2018, Netflix) of this sitcom, a character named Jo talks to her boyfriend, Oliver.
    Quotes from the episode:
    Jo: "Honey, if I got upset someone told me you were gay, I'd be upset a lot." To Frankie: "My mother thought he was gay."
    Oliver: "That's just because she and I watched a 'Falcon Crest' marathon together."
    Frankie: "If loving 'Falcon Crest' is gay, I am Rip Taylor and both Indigo Girls."  
  • "Joy":
    In this dramatic movie, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release date: 12/13/2015 (USA).
  • "Mama's Family":
    In this comedy series from LORIMAR, the Mama character tells her cousin that she sounds like JANE WYMAN from "Falcon Crest" in the episode "Mama's Cousin" (# 055 <3.20>; original U.S. airdate: 02/21/1987, syndicated).
  • "Modern Family":
    In this comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Claire, who said she watched it when she was younger, in the pilot (# 001 <1.01>; original U.S. airdate: 09/23/2009, ABC).
    Quote from the show:
    Claire: "I, uh, have seen this little show before - lying on the bed with a tall senior. One minute you're just friends, watching 'Falcon Crest', and the next you're lying underneath the air hockey table with your bra in your pocket!"
  • "Mom":
    In this sitcom, a character named Bonnie says that she only has videotapes of "Falcon Crest" when she brings the TV with video recorder for two other characters, Natasha and Emily, in the episode "A Seafaring Ancestor and a Bloomin' Oninon" (# 091 <5.03>; original U.S. airdate: 11/16/2017, CBS).
  • "Muchachada nui":
    In this animated comedy series from Spain, some characters were humming the "Falcon Crest" theme during the segment "Pitita Ridruejo Presenta Muchachada Nuí" (# 036 <3.10>; original Spanish airdate: 04/22/2009, La 2).
  • "On the Waterfront":
    This Saturday morning children's variety show from the U.K. featured stand-up comedy, sketches, musical guests, cartoons, games and serials as well as a re-dubbed version of "The Flashing Blade", a French TV serial originally entitled "Le Chevalier Tempête" from the late 1960's. "Falcon Crest" was mentioned during the re-dubbed version of "The Flashing Blade" in # 029 <3.05>; original airdate: 09/01/1989, BBC.
  • "Outrageous Fortune":
    In this crime dramedy from New Zealand, a character named Kasey mentioned she had known the exact wedding she had wanted since she had been nine and watching "Falcon Crest" in the episode "A Jig or a Tale of Bawdry" (# 046 <3.16>; original New Zealand airdate: 10/30/2007, TV 3).
  • "Pose":
    In this drama series set in the world of 1987, a character named Pray Tell says in "Access" (# 02 <1.02>; original U.S. airdate: 06/10/2018, FX): "Children, I repeat - the category is 'Dynasty', not goddamn 'Falcon Crest'! We don't need no spinoffs up in this bitch!".
  • "Şahin Tepesi" ("Falcon Crest"):
    This Turkish drama series, which was co-produced by WARNER BROS., was about the impossible love of the young people from two hostile families. The original airdate of this 6-part series was between 11/23/2018 and 12/28/2018 on ATV in Turkey.
    Although it had no connection to the original "Falcon Crest", which was called "Şahin Tepesi" in Turkey, WARNER BROS. decided to use the "Şahin Tepesi" title for this new drama series, probably to capitalize on the success of the name. As an odd result, all English-speaking promotional materials for the new show referred to the production as "Falcon Crest". Although some sources claimed that the new show was a remake or Turkish adaption of "Falcon Crest", it was not. It only shared the same title with the classic "Falcon Crest" series via its Turkish equivalent.
    Note that IMDB got confused and believes the new Turkish series is an adaption of the real "Falcon Crest". This is the reason why they falsely listed EARL HAMNER as the creator for the new Turkish show although he is not; the new series was created by MELEK GENÇOĞLU.
  • "Taboo American Style 1: The Ruthless Beginning":
    "Falcon Crest" is mentioned in this drama (original U.S. release 1985).
  • "The End of the Tour":
    "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in this biographical movie. Theatrical release date: 01/23/2015 (USA).
  • "The Golden Girls" :
    In this sitcom, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog in the following episodes:
    • "In a Bed of Rose's" (# 015 <1.15); original U.S. airdate: 01/10/1986, NBC) -
      quotes from the episode:
      Rose: "I never had to do this before. Tell a wife that her husband has been cheating on her with me. That's the hardest thing I ever had to tell anybody."
      Blanche: "Oh, no. It's not! How about having to tell a pregnant woman her husband has been cheating on her? With her own sister. And you're the sister. And you're pregnant, too. By her husband."
      Dorothy: "You didn't!"
      Blanche: "Not me! Last night on 'Dallas'. Or 'Dynasty', or 'Falcon's Landing'! Or one of those, they're all the same."

    • "Dorothy's Prized Pupil" (# 046 <2.21>; original U.S. airdate: 03/14/1987, NBC) -
      quotes from the episode:
      Rose: "Hi, Sophia."
      Sophia: "Hi, Rose."
      Rose: "You're all dressed up. Where are you going?"
      Sophia: "The President is in town. A bunch of us are going to his hotel to see his wife. I just loved her in 'Father Knows Best'."
      Rose: "Sophia, you're a little confused, honey. That was Jane Wyatt. The President was married to Jane Wyman!"
      Sophia: "That old crow from 'Falcon Crest'?"
      Rose: "Well, it doesn't matter. They are not married anymore. Now he is married to Nancy Davis."
      Sophia: "From 'All about Eve'?"
      Rose: "No. That's Bette Davis."

  • "The Goldbergs":
    This comedy series set in a Pennsylvania town in the 1980's, following the lives of a family named Goldberg, has a lot of references to popular culture. "Falcon Crest" was briefly mentioned in dialog in the episode "Fonzie Scheme" (# 091 <4.21>; original U.S. airdate: 04/26/2017, ABC).
  • "The Real Blonde":
    In this American comedy, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog. Theatrical release dates: 09/14/1997 (France); 02/27/1998 (USA).
  • "Red Oaks":
    In this American web comedy series, "Falcon Crest" was mentioned in dialog by a character named Getty in the episode "Doubles" (# 002 <# 1.02>; original U.S. airdate: 10/09/2015, Internet - amazon.com).
  • "Veep":
    In the episode "Kiss Your Sister" (# 047 <# 5.09>; original U.S. airdate: 06/19/2016, HBO) of this dramedy, a character named Gary says "Wow! Three generations of Meyer women... It's like the best episode of 'Falcon Crest' ever!".

Identical Names

In the crime drama "Barnaby Jones" centered around the private investigator by the same name, the episode "Twenty Million Alibis" (# 013 <1.13>; original U.S. airdate: 05/06/1973, CBS) featured a character by the name of Angela Channing played by guest star SUSANNE HILDUR (later SUSANNE BENTON, born 1948).
It is pure concidence that the same name would later become the main character of "Falcon Crest".