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Sell your collectibles to the fan club archives! The DFCF is interested in buying additional materials for its fan club archives to improve further research. Please contact the fan club via e-mail at dfcf@falconcrest.org or by letter, fax or phone to offer your materials, such as publicity photos, slides, scripts, newspaper and magazine clippings, props from the series or whatever might be connected with the show. As far as photos and printed materials are concerned, these items do not necessarily have to be original materials; please do not hesitate to offer photocopies or reprints because they might be sufficient for the club's needs in some cases. The following is a list of some specific items the fan club needs:
Cast Group Portraits
Season 5 (1985-86):
The DFCF is looking for a good-quality screened copy of this official cast group picture from 1985, which was taken at the Tuscany Downs Turf Club interior set during the shootings of # 112 for the cast and crew's seasons greetings.
What is pictured is a screen grab from a video of the 1985 CBS Christmas greetings of the "Falcon Crest" cast and crew. A similar pose, however, was not only filmed, but taken as a publicity still by a photographer on the set.
Season 6 (1986-87):
The DFCF is looking for a good-quality screened copy of the official cast group picture from the 1986-87 season. Unfortunately, there is not even a low-quality sample to illustrate what it might look like. For identification purposes, please note that this picture most likely includes Cesar Romero and Kim Novak.
What is pictured is not the cast group photo, but a set photo with some cast members and the core of the crew. However, our research indicates that the group shot with all main cast members was most likely taken during that photo session also (the 1986 Christmas promo for CBS).
Any other stills or slides are also welcome.
LORIMAR / CBS Program Synopses
The DFCF is looking for the complete seasonal program synopses, which were sent out to the press by LORIMAR and CBS during the show's initial broadcast:

Season 2 (1982-83)
Season 4 (1984-85)
Season 5 (1985-86)
Season 6 (1986-87)
Season 7 (1987-88)
Season 8 (1988-89)
Season 9 (1989-90)
As the sample illustrates, it is the seasonal collection of episode summaries - with the production code and the episode title as well as an overview of the plot and a detailed cast list at the bottom (one page per episode). Photocopies are welcome.

Videos of "Falcon Crest" Related Interviews
The DFCF is also looking for videos of interviews with "Falcon Crest" cast and crew members. In the 1980s, many of the stars appeared on shows like "The Tonight Show", "Merv Griffin", etc. In case you have video tapes, the DFCF will be happy to buy them to conserve them on DVD. The seller will obtain a copy of the DVD, of course, in addition to the payment.
Filming Locations
The DFCF is also looking for addresses and photos of filming locations, which have not been identified yet.